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Many fans look at sports as an entertainment outlet, but they are more than that. Sports are a staple of our culture that can create camaraderie within a city. They're a platform to raise awareness for social issues. They're a means to observe the peak of human physical ability. Sports are not staged or fake; they're completely unpredictable. Sports are also a showcase of characteristics that are innate within all people—competitiveness, communication, intelligence, emotion, organization, etc. These intangible assets have nothing to do with the numbers in a stat column. They hold significance at a human level, therefore making sports a universal medium for humanity all over the world.

Our goal with Abstract Sports is to curate content that brings out the amazing reality within and around sports. We want to talk about the things to which everyone can relate—those universal qualities. Each category tackles these types of topics from abstract, yet popular angles rooted within sports. Have a click through our categories below for a quick glimpse into our inspiration for each category and why we think they're important.

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