Contributor FAQs

  • How do I become a contributor for Abstract Sports?
    • Simply complete the form on our Submit an Article page. We only want quality content going on the blog, so be sure to check your grammar and spelling, have a reasonable word count, and include supplementary content for enhancement (i.e. images, YouTube videos, embedded tweets, etc.). Once you've submitted your article, we will reply within 24 hours to let you know we received your submission and will begin the review process.

  • How does the review process work?
    • When we review your article, we'll make edits with the best interest for the blog in mind. That includes grammar and spelling fixes, as well as image editing by our design team to ensure all parts of the article are on par with our quality standards. If you don't have an image to feature on your article, our design team will create a simple one for you. The closest you can have your article to final form the better. After we've made edits, we will email you to explain the changes we have made, and give you an estimated time for publishing.

  • What happens after my article gets published?
    • Once your article is up on the blog, we will share it on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. If you are on any of those social media outlets, we'd appreciate it if you share, like, and retweet your article from our pages so we can track the exposure we get from your content.

      We will also credit your bio with the badge that is associated with the category you contributed to.

  • What are badges, and how can I earn them?
    • Badges are a way of showing our contributors' progress as they explore each of our finely tuned categories. Our badge system makes our blog uniquely competitive, and helps us reward those contributors we value the most. Once you've had an article published in a particular category, you will receive the badge for that category. The badges are color-coordinated by difficulty; bronze being the easiest, silver is of medium difficulty, and gold is most difficult.

      How to earn each badge:

      The Intangibles

      Publish an article about the individual intangibles to earn them one by one. Once you've published an article about each intangible, you will earn the "MVC (Most Valuable Contributor)" badge for completing the set.

      General Categories

      "Heart of Gold" - Publish an article to the "Bigger Than Sports" category.

      "Ghostbuster" - Publish an article to the "Chasing the Ghost" category.

      "Getting Involved" - Publish an article to the "Community Sports" category.

      "Words of Wisdom" - Publish an article to the "Fantasy Faction" category.

      "Spreading the Word" - Publish an article to the "Sports Platform" category.

      "Virtual Reporter" - 1) Publish a preview article AND recap article to the "Storyline Events" category, OR 2) publish an article containing an interview format.

      "Highlight Reel" - Publish an article to "The Outsiders" category.

      For more information, and to see if our current blog categories fit a topic you'd like to write about, see our category descriptions.

  • Are there any topic requirements?
    • There's really no requirement for topics, as long as it's related to sports in some way. See our story to have a better understanding of the philosophy we try to embody with our blog.

  • I want to contribute to the blog, but there doesn't seem to be a category that fits my topic? What do I do?
    • If your article doesn't fit one of our existing categories, we can make a new category for you. If this is the case, please contact us to get your new category approved. The same goes for what sport your article is about. If we don't have anything on that particular sport yet, we would add that category once we have content for it.

  • What's in it for me?
    • We reward our contributors with virtual badges that go on their profile to show their versatility in writing for us. All backlinks come with a price, but when you publish an article with us, we share it to our social platforms to get eyes on your content.

  • Are there any general rules I should know about?
    • Plagiarism is unacceptable. This includes copying and pasting an article from your own blog to have it published in ours. Duplicate content like that gives both sites involved a bad reputation for online rankings.

      Cite any sources you’re referencing in your article.

      If you don’t provide an image for your article, we will create one original graphic for you. A featured image is important for engagement on social media, so we are more than happy to create that image for you.

If your question is still not answered after reviewing these FAQs, please contact us with your question.