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San Francisco 49ers - Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

Think of the 49ers and two names instantly come to mind...Rice and Montana. That was one hell of a combination. Only Rice was a first-round selection amazingly lasting 15 picks before San Franciso drafted him in the 16th slot in 1985. 15 teams passed on Rice who became arguably the greatest wide receiver in history. Only the overall #1 in that draft achieved success in the NFL that is Bruce Smith taken by Buffalo. None of the other 14 picks reached the level of Rice or Smith. As for Montana, he lasted until the third round and not until the 82nd pick came up. There is no need to talk about San Francisco’s other number one picks over the years because no one is going to top Jerry Rice.

Honorable Mentions: Y.A. Tittle (1951), Lance Alworth (1961), Steve Spurrier (1967), Gene Washington (1969), Dana Stubblefield (1993), Bryant Young (1994), William Floyd (1994), J.J. Stokes (1995), Ahmed Plummer (2000), Alex Smith (2005), Vernon Davis (2006), Patrick Willis (2007), Nick Bosa (2019)

Harv Aronson

Harv Aronson


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