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#8 Case of the Dropsies - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

Case of the Dropsies

If you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, then you are probably a fan of Jackie Smith as well. Sort of anyway. That’s because in Super Bowl XIII a rematch of Super Bowl X, Smith, then a Dallas Cowboys tight end dropped a pass from Roger Staubach in the end zone, a ball that hit him square in the chest and would have tied the game at 21. It was a third-down play so Dallas had to settle for three. They would eventually lose the game 35-31 their second straight loss to Pittsburgh in a Super Bowl.

The play had such an impact that ESPN placed it #24 in a listing they had compiled of the 100 Greatest Super Bowl Moments. Great for Steelers fans but not so great if you cheered on the Cowboys. Despite the focus on the drop, had he caught the ball it would have only tied the game and the outcome at that point would have still been unknown.

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Harv Aronson

Harv Aronson


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