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5 NFL Stars Who Returned to Their Original Team to Make an Impact

Here's a look at 5 NFL stars who returned to their original teams in a homecoming fashion to make an impact for the better.

5 Candidates For "That Red-Hot Pitcher" In The MLB Playoffs

As MLB fans are well aware, a red-hot pitcher in October can make all the difference for a club.

3 Hacks NBA Teams Use to Attract Top Talent

There are a few obvious ways to get someone to play for your NBA team.

Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

I’m sure this topic has been covered many times before by different writers but given the NFL season is upon us again, players from the league’s 32 teams will hope they don’t have an unfortunate circumstance like the ones listed ahead.

#10 What's an Ingot - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers once had cheerleaders. That’s right. The team that so adamantly refuses to have cheerleaders did have them in the 1960s a troupe known as the “Steeler-Ettes.”

#9 Hand Them a Field Goal - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

Leon Lett is famous for making two embarrassing gaffes but I’ll just mention the one for this column.

#8 Case of the Dropsies - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

If you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, then you are probably a fan of Jackie Smith as well. Sort of anyway.

#7 I'm Not a Quarterback - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

In 1972 the Miami Dolphins turned in the only completely undefeated season in the history of the National Football League when they won all 14 regular-season games, two playoff games and then Super Bowl VII to finish a perfect 17-0. But it almost wasn’t t

#6 Flipping Out on Thanksgiving - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

Back to Thanksgiving we go and in 1998, the team that has played in the most Turkey Day games, the Detroit Lions were hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

#5 Don't Imitate - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

Many NFL players have their own creations on the field, mostly in victory dances or shuffles when they make a positive play.