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The Intangibles

We are all people before we are athletes, teachers, community leaders, etc. The competitive nature of sport reveals characteristics that showcase human potential all over the world. We call these intangible assets, or to be specific to the category name, The Intangibles. These qualities cannot be measured by a traditional stat column, and most of the time they are more important than numbers. They can be applied to real-life situations. Making a buzzer-beating three-pointer, kicking a game-winning field goal, or hitting a walk-off home run is some of the greatest moments in sports. But having the confidence, focus, and effort in those moments will last forever, on and off the court/field. These intangible assets are innate within us all, but certain elements in sports help to reveal those characteristics within ourselves.

This category is inspired by the concept our founder Kyle Richards developed during his BFA at the University of Idaho. You can see the full project in his portfolio here. We aim to curate content for this category that will validate the theories in that system, as well as highlight the importance of the intangibles in sports.