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Storyline Events

Posts in this category are focused on specific games/events that have more significance than just any other game. Games that would fall under this category could include Kobe's last game (too bad we weren't around yet to cover that game), the recent World Series Game 7 and the significance of the outcome on either side and a game that might determine whether a certain team will make it to the playoffs. Essentially, a game qualifies as a "storyline event" if there is more at stake than trying to get the win.

For these posts, we try to do a Preview of what is at stake for that game and maybe giving a prediction of the outcome. As the game is in progress, you might catch the contributor of that post-live-tweeting from our Twitter account @AbstractSports, or piling up a story on Instagram. When the game is over the contributor for that post is expected to write up a recap of that game, breaking down what actually happened and possibly comparing the outcome with their prediction.

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