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NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League is the competitive gaming counterpart of the National Basketball Association (NBA). On 2K League draft day, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver vocalized that the new league is considered to be the fourth member of the NBA family including the NBA, WNBA, and the NBA G League. Seventeen of the thirty teams in the NBA have joined the league, and 2K League officials predict that all thirty teams will have an eSports counterpart within the first three years of operation.

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  • Schedule & Results
    • 2018 Regular Season Schedule

      May 1st - May 5th: Tip-Off Tournament ($100K prize pool)

      May 11th - May 12th: Week 1

      May 18th - May 19th: Week 2

      May 25th - May 26th: Week 3

      June 1st - June 2nd: Week 4

      June 8th - June 9th: Tournament ($150k prize pool)

      June 15th - June 16th: Week 5

      June 22nd - June 23rd: Week 6

      June 29th - June 30th: Week 7

      July 6th - July 7th: Week 8

      July 13th - July 14th: Tournament ($150k prize pool)

      July 20th - July 21st: Week 9

      July 27th - July 28th: Week 10

      August 3rd - August 4th: Week 11

      August 10th - August 11th: Week 12

      The top seven teams from the regular season and the winner of the last tournament move on the to the post-season.

      2018 Post-Season Schedule

      August 17th: Playoffs (Quarterfinals)

      August 18th: Playoffs (Semifinals - 3 game series)

      August 25th: Finals (3 game series)

      The League Champion gets $300,000 from the $600,000 prize pool.