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Fantasy Faction

This category is for anything and everything related to fantasy sports. Don't let the word "fantasy" fool you, because fantasy sports are the real deal. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 57.4 million people played fantasy sports in 2015 in the US and Canada.

Not only are fantasy sports popular in the general public, but talk shows, radio shows, and entire television series have developed around the concept! People have made a comfortable living for themselves by devoting their time to fantasy sports. While that may not be our goal with this category, we will do our best to publish stories that give you that fantasy fix.

Recent Articles

10 Athletes Who Lost Fans in the Most Shocking Ways

Professional athletes are idolized for their prowess on the court, field, and track, but they don’t always live up to those high standards when it’s not game time. In a new article, takes a closer look at 10 athletes who have gone through shocking controversies that not only tarnished their reputations and lost them fans, but much more than that.