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Minnesota Vikings - Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

Like the Buffalo Bills, the Minnesota Vikings have been to the Super Bowl four times only to lose all four. Minnesota’s last visit to the big dance was way back in 1976. Along the way, they’ve had many great players including their infamous “Purple People Eaters” defensive front (Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall, Gary Larsen). Page and Eller were both first-round draft picks, Eller in 1964 and Page three years later. Best Viking selected in the first-round in history? Randy Moss with Adrian Peterson running a close second.

Honorable Mentions: Gene Washington (1967), Chuck Foreman (1973), Tommy Kramer (1977), Joey Browner (1983), Keith Millard (1984), Chris Doleman (1985), Randal McDaniel (1988), Robert Smith (1993), Daunte Culpepper (1999)

Harv Aronson

Harv Aronson


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