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Los Angeles Rams - Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

Next up we have the 3-city Rams. Originating in Cleveland the team would later move across the country to L.A. before skirting out to St. Louis in 1995 before heading back to the west coast again in 2016. One of the older franchises in the NFL, it all began for the Rams in 1937. The first big-name collegiate player taken by the Rams in the first-round was Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch with the fifth pick in 1945. With four Super Bowl appearances to their credit and one Lombardi Trophy, the Rams also won three other league titles. Once known as “The Greatest Show on Turf” the Rams have had a wealth of colorful and talented players. The best first-round pick they have made boils down to two of the league’s greatest running backs in history, Eric Dickerson and Jerome Bettis. However, “The Bus” found nearly all his success in Pittsburgh where he arrived by way of a surprising trade in 1996. Because his stardom came in the ‘Burgh, the nod goes to Dickerson.

Honorable Mentions: Merlin Olsen (1962), Roman Gabriel (1962), Jack Reynolds (1970), Jack Youngblood (1971), Orlando Pace (1997), Torry Holt (1999), Aaron Donald (2014), Todd Gurley (2015)

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