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Cleveland Browns - Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

Before re-joining the NFL in 1999, the Cleveland Browns had some formidable years. The “new” Browns from 1999 until this year were a laughing stock of the league. This year, however, they made a triumphant return to the top of the NFL with some very good talent. But take a look at their history and the Browns at one time were consistently one of the top teams in the NFL. With their nickname as the “Browns”, one of their greatest players and most dominant players ever carried that name as his last name. Jim Brown is who we are talking about and the former running back ran like a freight train running over anyone in his path. With a draft history that got its start in 1950, seven years later Jim Brown came roaring out of Syracuse University and began steamrolling NFL opponents. Brown would only play nine seasons and then go after an acting career. But in 118 games throughout his career, he started in everyone and averaged a remarkable 104.3 yards rushing per game. He averaged nearly 12 touchdowns per season and in every season he played he had single runs of at least 65 yards or more minus 1961 and 1962 when his longest runs from scrimmage were 38 and 31 yards respectively. His longest run was for 80 yards in 1963. It would be very difficult to name a player drafted in the first round that was a better player than Jim Brown, so there is no need to even go there. He’s it.

Honorable Mentions: Paul Warfield (1964), Mike Pruitt (1976), Bernie Kosar (1985), Hanford Dixon (1981)

Harv Aronson

Harv Aronson

Harv currently writes for Abstract Sports, the Sports History Network, and the magazine Gridiron Greats. Harv wrote the published book "Pro Football's Most Passionate Fans" and as a professional writer has had articles published in an array of sports publications.

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