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Arizona Cardinals - Best Number One Pick for Every Team in NFL Draft History

This team that now calls the west coast home began their franchise history in the city of Chicago before relocating to St. Louis and then to Arizona where they have been since. With an NFL start in 1936, the Cards are one of the league’s oldest teams. Maybe this man would have been the Cardinals’ greatest first-round pick ever, but in 1965 despite being drafted by St. Louis, Alabama’s Joe Namath chose the American Football League (AFL) instead and went on to have a Hall of Fame career with the New York Jets. The choice for best first-round draft choice for the Arizona Cardinals is rather an easy one. Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is that man and in 2004 he was the NFL’s third overall draft pick.

Honorable mentions: Charley Trippi (1945), Roger Wehrli (1969), Ottis Anderson (1979), Freddie Joe Nunn (1985), Eric Swann (1991), Garrison Hearst (1993)

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