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Leon Spinks - 1970s Heavyweights

Leon Spinks may very well be the worst of the fighters listed in this article, a fly-by-night heavyweight champion that shocked the world by beating Muhammad Ali but in a near-immediate rematch was completely embarrassed losing the title back to Ali. With just 46 fights in his career, Spinks lost 17 times and was knocked out nine times. Incredibly, after just seven professional fights that included a draw with Scott LeDoux, Spinks was granted a title shot on February 15, 1978 to try to win the title from Muhammad Ali. In one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history, Spinks won the title earning a split decision victory. Expected to be an easy fight, the bout took place in the middle of the week on Wednesday and was broadcast on regular television. Embarrassed by the loss, a rematch took place just seven months later and Ali was in a word … ALI. He completely outclassed Spinks and the toothless ex-champion would never sniff another title shot in that division but did get a chance at the cruiserweight title in which he lost to Dwight Muhammad Qawi by TKO. In his next two bouts, Spinks was knocked out again. In that period from March 22 1986 when he fought Qawi to a loss to Tony Morrison in 1988, Leon Spinks lost 8 of 10 bouts getting stopped five times and only earning a draw and a victory of Jeff Jordan in between.

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