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Jerry Quarry - 1970s Heavyweights

Tragedy was the name of the game in the Quarry family as what they termed “pugilistic dementia” struck not just Jerry Quarry but his younger brother Mike also a boxer. Both men died way too young, Jerry at 53 and Mike at 55. A third brother Bobby, also boxed and retired at 29 because his body was failing him but he remains alive today at age 57. As for Jerry Quarry, boxing fans who remember him will have memories of a tough and gritty fighter who won 53 bouts and lost just nine. But Quarry’s style was taking punches to give punches and he knocked out 32 opponents in his 53 victories. He finally hung up the gloves in 1992 after a loss to Ron Crammer. When taking on the big boys, Quarry often came up short getting TKO’d at the hands of Ken Norton, Joe Frazier, in a return bout with Muhammad Ali after quitting after the third round in their first bout, and getting knocked out by George Chuvalo.

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