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Petition Started for Montreal Quebec, Canada to Get an NBA Expansion Team

NBA logo in front of the city of Montreal

Toronto has been the only Canadian city to have an NBA team since the Vancouver Grizzlies relocated to Memphis back in 2001.

Back in June, the Raptors won their first NBA championship, and they were the first Canadian team to do so. Since then, there have been rumors going by for more Canadian NBA teams, including Montreal. But, we could see the chances of an NBA team for Montreal increase with a petition I've put together.

Montreal, Canada is the largest city in North America with no NBA team. We've had two Canadian cities with NBA teams, Toronto and (formerly) Vancouver.

Now we only have the Toronto Raptors, and I believe the NBA should expand in Canada. If we do get an NBA team in Montreal, they could play at the Bell Centre, where the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens play. It would make for a great rivalry for the Raptors. Montreal needs an NBA team, Canada needs more NBA. So, if you want Montreal to get an NBA team, share and sign this petition, and maybe a lot of citizens in Montreal will get their wish.

The city of Montreal needs an NBA team, and they could play at the Bell Centre. What do you think? You can sign the petition at

Mason Carr

Mason Carr

Guest Writer

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