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Top 10 of Boxing’s Most Terrifying Fighters

Compilation of 10 different boxers

With the growth of Mixed Martial Arts, specifically the UFC and Bellator, this sport's increasing popularity has diminished the interest in professional boxing in a profound way.

Only the true diehard boxing fans follow the sport closely as millions used to do when there where so many big names competing in the sport. Say the name Muhammad Ali or George Foreman as an example, and most sports fans will know who you are talking about immediately. These days, the sport is lacking star power, someone who captivates the fan base such as Ali did or Mike Tyson after him.

Looking back in boxing’s history that is certainly one of the oldest sports in the world, who were some of the fighters that simply struck fear in opponents just by their intimidating style, their terrifying presence in the ring, or just their viciousness? I am providing you a list of the top 10 fighters that I believe were some of the scariest men to ever enter the squared circle.

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