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The Outsiders

The Outsiders: Featuring Content from My Favorite Sports Blogs Every Monday

Get used to The Outsiders being a weekly post every Monday. You can submit your work to be featured along with seven other blogs of my choice. Read on for more details.

My Kind of Motivation Monday: The Outsiders

Starting today, I'm dedicating The Outsiders to Mondays as a part of the #MotivationMonday movement. I pull a TON of inspiration from these people, and they deserve the shoutouts.

The AZ Sports Guru

All Arizona sports fans, allow me to introduce you to The AZ Sports Guru. Relles Abeytia is the man behind it all and he is well-versed in sports in Arizona.

Dapper Sports

The Outsiders category is all about featuring content from our favorite sports blogs. Check out Dapper Sports, our first addition to the group.