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PREVIEW: Great Lake Rivalry Game for This Century

What is in a rivalry game? A rivalry game is supposed to be a monumental event for sports fans, it’s supposed to represent the pinnacle of competition and emotion. Teams should be able to hurdle over their limitations and find new strength from their pass

RECAP: Kevin Durant Carries Golden State in Blowout Win Against Thunder

Okay I'll say it: the Westbrook VS Kevin Durant matchup was a little lackluster. I guess I wasn't aware that Russell Westbrook wasn't a "shake hands before the game" kind of guy. Kevin Durant knows him probably better than anybody else did on the court, s

RECAP: Cubs End 108-Year Drought with 8-7 Win Over Indians

I have never been more excited about baseball in my life. I think watching Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and Indians sparked a newfound interest in baseball for me. I found myself rooting for the Cubs just for the glorious stories that would

PREVIEW: World Series Game 7 Between Cubs and Indians

There is no better thing in sports than a Game 7 for the championship. That is just what the Cubs and Indians will get to experience this evening when they both aim to end their championship droughts: 108 years for the Cubs and 68 years for the Indians. I

PREVIEW: Westbrook and Durant Face Off for the First Time

The NBA season is just a few games in and there is already a game coming up that you’re not going to want to miss. If you follow basketball, or even if you’re close to somebody who does, you’ve probably heard about Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City T

Colin Kaepernick Gets Start Against Bills

The headlines on the peaceful protests by football players have somewhat subsided over the last couple weeks. Colin Kaepernick and a few teammates have continued kneeling, and Colin especially has been speaking up on the issue whe