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Martial Arts

Taking Up the Challenge: Organizing Independent Recreational Karate Tournaments to Build Future Champions

There is little doubt that many children who attend karate clubs are incredibly talented and show great promise. With perseverance and hard work, many of today's young karate students can grow up to become elite athletes.

The importance of karate tournaments for young recreational athletes, and FAQ from their parents

Ask any karate instructor or parent of an experienced karate student and they'll agree: young karate students benefit greatly from tournaments. But why? Read on to understand the top five benefits of karate tournaments for students.

Interview with Rafael Aghayev, Five-Time World Champion of Karate

Rafael Aghayev was recently interviewed by the magazine and generously shared some of the secrets to his success.

Martial Arts for Children

Martial arts have long been a popular pastime for adults in North America, but it is only during the last 20 years that martial arts have become accessible to children and teenagers.

Karate in Ontario: "The Uphill Battle" - The Cost of Raising a Champion

"The Uphill Battle" is an award-winning feature documentary produced by Invision Pro and directed by Maria Morgunova.