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Top 5 Sports to Try for Beginners

Sports are a key part of society and bring so many benefits. Not only does playing sports help you stay fit and healthy but it also gives you something fun to do in your spare time. If you worry that you spend all your time slumped in front of the TV or live a sedentary lifestyle, then taking up sports is a wise move. Of course, this is not always easy if you are new to sports ...

Basketball Injury Therapy 101

Like in any other sport, basketball players are prone to injury. Every time you walk into the court and regardless of your level of preparedness and preventive measures, you face a high risk of injury. Basketball is an exciting, high-intensity sport that requires tenacity, agility, and speed. It can be defined as a vertical sport with lots of landing and jumping activity. As ...

Review of Elite Sports Men's Plain Gray Crossfit Shorts and Gym Bag

For our much-anticipated collaboration with Elite Sports, I've been invited to review a couple of their products. Part one will be a review of their men's Crossfit shorts, and part two will be a review of their versatile gym bags. Please follow along as I give my honest opinion of both of these gym essentials. ...

5 Effects Running has on Your Body

Being a runner is a lifestyle, and once you feel that runner’s high, it’s an easy commitment. Running is an incredible workout that requires mental and physical endurance. Even in tip-top shape, running can still produce problems for athletes. Here are five examples of the harm running can have on your body.