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Chasing the Ghost

Comparing the Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time

Leading up to Super Bowl LV nearly all the conversation is centering around Tom Brady and his 10 Super Bowl appearances and by winning six thus far, he is the greatest of all time at quarterback. There are few that will disagree with that assessment however I’m not ready to crown Brady the all-time king. I’ve seen discussion boards where fans have declared Tom Brady the greate ...

The Greatest NBA Players of All Time

There has been much conversation this year about how LeBron James is the greatest player in the history of the National Basketball Association. Most of the discussion centers around a comparison between “King James” and the great Michael Jordan. The debate rages almost daily but unfair to some of the other all-time greats is the fact they aren’t thrown into the mix. If you had ...

The Rise of the Second Year Quarterback

The previous two MVPs have been Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. They are both quarterbacks awarded the MVP honor in their second season. This has happened before, back in 1984 Dan Marino won MVP in his sophomore season. Also, Kurt Warner earned his first MVP nod in 1999 which was his second season. Second season jumps are becoming more popular with teams handing over the key ...

How These Role Players Will Be Key to Their Team’s Success During the Postseason

Superstar players are usually credited with the responsibility of carrying their team to a championship. Elite caliber players such as LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry have exhibited their ability to perform and shine on the big stage under the bright lights of the NBA playoffs. Neither of these superstars would have won a ring without the unexpected p ...

Will Lamar Jackson Change the Quarterback Position?

A look at the many different quarterbacks playing styles, their history, and where the position could be going.

A Salute to Lynn Bowden

Lynn Bowden Jr is a junior at the University of Kentucky and he is probably one of the most special players in Kentucky football history.

Russell Westbrook in the gym working out

Russell Westbrook’s Game Never Changed

Time and time again, players come and go and the NBA and they try to leave their mark as much as possible. Russell Westbrook is no different from them.

NFL's Quarterback Revolving Door

The number of QBs was something like 21 and raised the question as to how many other teams have experienced this “revolving door” of signal-callers in that same time frame?

Why the Saints are Still Super Bowl Contenders

After the devastating week of injury to Saints quarterback Drew Brees, many doubters throughout the NFL community believe that the franchise's shot at a second Super Bowl is gone.

5 NFL Stars Who Returned to Their Original Team to Make an Impact

Here's a look at 5 NFL stars who returned to their original teams in a homecoming fashion to make an impact for the better.