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Quick History of the New York Yankees

Baseball history is filled with interesting facts that any fan loves to dwell over. As a Yankees fan, I would like to take a moment to dwell on these facts especially as a new decade is upon us. The 2010s is the first decade since the 1910s where the Yankees did not make the World Series and it's the first decade since the 1980s where the Yankees did not win the World Series. ...

Let Barry Bonds In: Steroid Use and the Hall of Fame

Every year the Baseball Writers Association of America, or the BWAA, selects 10 players from a ballot of recently retired players to make the Hall of Fame. The National Baseball Hall of Fame celebrates baseball history through the recognition of the game’s greatest players. The whole process is ostensibly cut and dry. Demonstrate playing ability and statistics superior to those ...

My Too Early MLB Free Agency Predictions

With the MLB season coming to an end in the coming days, I wanted to put out a list of my top free agents for the 2021 season. Now, this list consists of players who are guaranteed free agency in 2021. It does not consist of those who have options with their teams nor is it my total comprehensive list of free agents. If I decided to show the entire list, I would have a novel. ...

Which World Series Title is More Legitimate, 2017 or 2020?

With the stage of the 2020 World Series being set, some have asked, “How legitimate is the 2020 title?” During a normal year, the MLB season has a total of 162 games, not including Spring Training. Typically, in July, the All-Star break is held. When the All-Star break happens, it marks the halfway point of the baseball season. Due to COVID-19, the MLB season was shortened to ...

Will COVID Kill the World Series - World Series History

Only twice in history has the World Series not been played... 2020 could be number three. There will be plenty of disappointed fans if this happens.

Major League Baseball Venues from the Past

For baseball fans that are 50 years old or older (I for one am 61), these folks will remember some of the old stadiums that teams played in that now are a distant memory.

I Love Baseball, But I Don't Want a 2020 Return

In the last few weeks, Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) have been going back and forth with proposals to begin the 2020 season.

MLB Rule Changes for COVID-19 Will Make for Foul Ball

Major League Baseball and its leadership have submitted a proposal to the Major League Players Association to get their players back on the diamonds in the National and American Leagues.

Steroids in Baseball: Make Baseball Fun Again

Each year baseball holds a ceremony in Cooperstown, NY to honor its latest inductees into the hall of fame. Inevitably, many of baseball's best players are left out of this celebration.