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Did Los Angeles Take Away Russell Westbrook's Joy for the Game?

In the halftime show of opening night between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, Charles Barkley had to get something off his chest and I didn’t see it coming on the first game of the season.

Journeyman Quarterback Rejuvenates Career in Seattle

Veteran quarterback, Geno Smith, is notorious for being involved in a locker room fight, fracturing his jaw in 2015 as a member of the New York Jets. Seven years later, Smith has inconspicuously found success as a Seahawk. Following the Seahawks' departure of Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson in March via a blockbuster trade with the Denver Broncos, expectations for Seattle ...

Every NFL Team's Best Franchise Quarterbacks in History

Recently I wrote about the quarterbacks for the Pittsburgh Steelers and noted that Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger were probably the only true franchise QBs to ever play in Pittsburgh. That leads me to wonder, of all 32 NFL teams, who was (or is) each club’s “franchise” quarterback?

Steelers Going South, Kenny Pickett Gets the Start in Week 5

If you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, let the panic button be pushed. After losing to the New York Jets in week four of this NFL season, Pittsburgh finds themselves in last place in the AFC North with a 1-3 record. In reality, they received a gift in the season opener from the defending AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals a game in which the Steelers should have lost so theoretical ...