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Boogie's Pelicans Debut

After an emotional couple days following the NBA All-Star Game last Sunday, DeMarcus Cousins is ready to go to work in New Orleans.

Is It Just a Game?

This exploration of our attachment to teams and players begs the question: should we be looking at a "bigger picture" in sports?

What Makes NBA All-Star Weekend so Mythical?

How many times in your life will you watch a man jump over a dragon to dunk a basketball?

The Outsiders: Featuring Content from My Favorite Sports Blogs Every Monday

Get used to The Outsiders being a weekly post every Monday. You can submit your work to be featured along with seven other blogs of my choice. Read on for more details.

The Greatest Super Bowl Ever Played

The New England Patriots are officially the best team in the NFL for the 2016/2017 year. With the victory over the Falcons 34-28 (OT) they become five-time Super Bowl champions.

Lakers at Celtics: The Franchise Tiebreaker

The Lakers franchise has held the most all-time wins for the last 16 years. Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics look to break that streak in tonight's franchise tiebreaker.