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My Kind of Motivation Monday: The Outsiders

Starting today, I'm dedicating The Outsiders to Mondays as a part of the #MotivationMonday movement. I pull a TON of inspiration from these people, and they deserve the shoutouts.

Super Bowl LI: Falcons Look to Upset; Patriots Look to Cement Legacy

We are officially seven, yes SEVEN days away from the biggest game of the year!

AFC Championship Recap: Pats Take It to the Steelers (36-17)

In a big win over the Steelers, the Patriots are on their way to Superbowl LI in Houston, Texas. Let's check the numbers to check the accuracy of my AFC Championship prediction.

AFC Championship Preview: Super Sunday is On the Line

Sunday, January 22, 2017, will mark the 3rd time the Steelers and the Patriots will have met in the AFC championship game. This will be the first time this matchup will be played in Foxborough, MA with a Super Bowl spot on the line. Both times the Pittsbu

NBA Player Presidential Candidates

The United States presidential inauguration is just around the corner, so I wanted to write a fun post with a hypothetical question in mind: "Which NBA players would make a great presidential candidate?"

2017 NBA All-Star Game Starters Selection

I can’t believe the NBA season is already half over. It still feels like the NBA Finals was just yesterday. There have been a lot of interesting stories this season, with Durant going to the Warriors, Russell Westbrook putting up triple-doubles like a mad

NFL Player Presidential Candidates

With the United States Presidential Inauguration approaching, it makes sense to discuss the NFL players with qualities that parallel those of a U.S. Presidential Candidate.

Wildcard Weekend Winners and Losers

Yeah, yeah, yeah... my NFL Wildcard Weekend predictions didn't go smoothly for me. Allow me to admit my faults in this follow-up post.

Off the Cuff NFL Playoff Predictions

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the NFL playoffs are already upon us. I’ll be completely honest with you—I didn’t watch enough football this season, so maybe that’s the reason it feels like it snuck up on me. True football fans were probably begging