August 23, 2019

#4 Walls Can Hurt - Top 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Moments

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In regards to celebrating a touchdown or a positive play, there was one touchdown former Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte would like to forget. The date was November 23, 1997, and while playing against the New York Giants, Frerotte scored a touchdown and as he went through the end zone he made the ill-fated decision to head butt the wall behind the end zone. Seeing there was padding on the wall perhaps the Washington quarterback thought there would be no bad result. WRONG. Instead, he suffered a sprained neck and had to leave the game. This while wearing his helmet and he did it with such force not only did it make him dizzy; he experienced spasms from the spasmodic move.

#5 Don't Imitate #3 When Not to Jump

Harv Aronson
Harv Aronson

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