May 01, 2018

Hood is Glitchy makes early case for NBA 2K League MVP

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Photo courtesy of @NBA2KLeague on Twitter.

Not long into the Tip-Off Tournament, it was very clear that Hood is Glitchy is not the dude to be messing with.

With the clock winding down in a close first game against Kings Guard Gaming, Hood is Glitchy scored 8 straight points to tie the game at 73 apiece. After scoring all those points, he brings the ball down court with about 10 seconds to go. Using himself as a decoy, he dribbled down the lane and kicked it out to Sick x 973 for the dagger three-pointer which led to the win.

In the second game against Bucks Gaming, Hood was defended really well. Any time he had a drive down the lane, somebody closed in and fouled him to prevent the easy bucket. He did make and miss a few well-contested shots, but the Bucks defense was ultimately effective, which allowed them to make a last-second comeback to force overtime. Hood had a chance at the last second shot to tie, but it just didn't fall.

In the Cavs last game of the day, believe it or not, he took it to an even higher level. It was an all-out dunk fest. After missing his first shot, he only missed one more of the game going for 19/21 shooting from the field and had 46 of the 86 total points by Cavs Legion GC. He was simply UNGUARDABLE with the dribble-drive blowby moves.

Hood has a very patient playing style and he takes his time making purposeful dribble moves to get to his spots. By "spots" I mean "the rim." His back and forth movement actually does allude to the phrase "glitchy." Needless to say, his handle fits him well.

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Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

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