January 25, 2018

Ep. 37: NBA All-Star 2018, NFL Conference Championship Recap & Looking Ahead to Super Bowl LII

Kyle Richards, Media, Podcast

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Kyle starts off episode thirty seven by congratulating the 2018 MLB Hall of Fame inductees, and reminiscing his childhood when he used to pretend to be Chipper Jones and Barry Bonds at the plate.

With an absent Micah, Kyle goes deep into NBA news. After discussing some silly NBA storylines of the last few days, he goes on to explain how the All-Star teams are being picked. Then, he talks about how he'd like to see them announce the teams, and he even has a plan for the so-called snubs of the All-Star lineups.

Lastly, he recaps the Conference Championship games that happened over the weekend, comparing the results to his and Micah's predictions from episode thirty six.

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