January 10, 2018

Ep. 35: National Championship Recap, NFL Divisional Round & Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

Kyle Richards, Media, Micah Brown, Podcast

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Kyle and Micah kicked off episode thirty five with Kyle putting his new studio decorations on display, and Micah attempting to rattle off five positive references to the Lakers. He seems to have an infatuation with head coach Luke Walton. Who doesn't fall in love with his deep voice? Anyhow, after a slow start, they dove into the real thick of things.

The main content start with some hockey talk. Kyle plans to watch a couple hockey games in attempt to build his knowledge around the sport. After that, Kyle rattles off some quick NBA news notes, and then they both jump right into football.

They discuss the National Championship between Alabama and Georgia, and what led to that wild finish. They [somewhat] recap the Wildcard Round in the NFL, but mostly talk about their predictions for the upcoming Divisional Round getting underway this Saturday. They make their picks on those games for this week's bet, and the loser gets to have their hair styled by the other's wife... should be interesting.

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