November 29, 2017

Ep. 32: Kyle Wins His Prize & the Brady Beater is Benched

Kyle Richards, Media, Micah Brown, Podcast

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You won't want to miss Kyle paying his debts after losing a bet to Micah in this episode. No, this isn't click bait, it really is pretty hilarious! Once Kyle recovered from a beverage-induced chemical imbalance, the duo talked about the unusually high number of goals in the NHL this year, evolution that happens in sports due to rule change and play style, and more.

Kyle and Micah dive deep into NBA action, including the professionalism by LeBron despite his first ejection of his career. However, the matchup between Lonzo Ball and Steph Curry drew some excitement in this episode. Lonzo's defense against Curry's offense is something to see, because let's be honest, Lonzo's offense isn't up to his potential in the first quarter of the season.

After basketball talk, they discuss all the bad things about benching the Brady beater himself, Eli Manning.

In the end, they come up with a new bet: Ohio State (8) vs Wisconsin (3). Kyle takes Wisconsin and Micah takes Ohio State. Micah claims that Ohio State shows up in big games and thinks they will mess with the College Football Playoff picture. Again, if he loses he has to face Kyle in a three-point shootout. If Kyle loses, he has to be an active Celtics fan for a week.

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