January 11, 2017

Israel Saranga

The Outsiders, Kyle Richards

Abstract Sports is going international with the introduction of Israel Saranga, a 23-year-old journalist living in Israel. He also attends university and studies Communication and Business Administration. On his site, he mentions that his content is translated from Hebrew, so when you visit his site from our links just know that the translations to English are not always 100% accurate. However, his content is easy to understand, he has a humorous writing style and seems to have a broad range of interests in terms of what he’d like to do with his blog. I think we’ve all been at that stage with our blogs where we are just getting the ball rolling and we’re not sure what to talk about. So, any sports-related content he puts out, we will be sure to share.

In my conversation with him, football (soccer) is a primary sport for him, but he also pays attention to the NBA. He’s a Boston Celtics fan, but he also enjoys keeping up with players and coaches from his native country, including David Blatt, Omri Casspi, and more.

I think it’s great to get a new “Outsider” from a different country because it will give us the chance to tap into a different culture with different sports and traditions surrounding them. We look forward to seeing Israel’s blog grow, and hopefully we can get him on as a contributor for Abstract Sports somewhere down the road. In the meantime, visit his blog to see what he has going on.

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

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